Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thrifty Living is Great for Your Health!

By deciding to have a frugal and simple holiday season, you not only save money, but can lower your stress levels and stay healthy. Many people grow up believing  that Thanksgiving and (especially) Christmas have to be expensive and lavish events when in reality most of the best memories are made when the focus is on spending quality time with your loved ones. I know my daughters value the time I spend with them more than they would electronic toys or dolls.
I think that making simple and fun plans for the holidays also allows you more time for the best part: enjoying vacation time with family and friends.. My family has always stuck to the motto “K.I.S.S” during the holidays and we still do today. We never have a set time for dinner (we are usually eating around lunch time), no dressing up (unless you want to), no expensive dinners, or lavish gifts.
For example, on Thanksgiving we share cooking and supplying food. We pick one home to go to and cook together so that no one feels left out of the festivities or like they are doing all of the work. Half of the fun is cooking together and sharing each other’s “secret recipes” or just catching up on what has been going on. We also cook early so that everyone can sit down and relax.
If you have kids, consider letting them decorate for Christmas or do it together. I have more fun watching my girls decorate the tree and the house with homemade projects than decorating. Also consider that kids should not be brought up to expect many presents for the holidays because if the economy is hard on your family, it could cause your child great disappointment. I have seen it turn many kids into spoiled and uncontrollable kids.  My daughters mostly get things they need (like clothes) and a few fun items like crafts and educational toys. My girls find these items more entertaining than electronics and games.
The tips above can greatly reduce one’s stress levels as well as save money. Many people fail to realize that kids would rather spend quality time with their families than have expensive toys and games. family bonding is an easy way to save money and to reduce stress levels.