Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Are Coupons Really Worth the Hassle?

Do Coupons Help You Save Money?

Many of us spend a big chunk of our budget on food, especially if we have kids. To make matters worse, many of us are getting laid off or losing our jobs altogether. To add insult to injury, food prices are creeping up yet again. Unfortunately, we can't change this, but we can find creative and relatively easy ways to save money while grocery shopping!

Coupons are very helpful, but collecting any and every coupon you can find is not going to help you save you money. In fact, you may spend more if you buy items just because you have a coupon for them. In my case, I collect coupons somewhat sparingly because I purchase mostly name brands. Besides, the store brands are usually cheaper than the brand names, even with a coupon!

Caveat: Some store brand foods do not taste as well as their competitors. Do some experimenting to see what you are willing to tolerate. I can't stand generic mac and cheese, so I look for sales and coupons on Kraft.

We all have our favorite grocery store (mine is Walmart), but we should all take time out each week to check out other store ads in the neighborhood for specials. Check the mailbox  or the Internet to avoid wasting gas on driving. If you go to the store, pick up the sales paper if you didn't already get one in the mail. Some stores do not mail them anymore, such as Walgreen's, so you may want to sign up for newsletters from your favorite stores.

I Have My Coupons...Now What?

  • Put all of your coupons in a coupon organizer or envelope
  • Keep coupons accessible during the grocery shopping trip
  • Keep coupons organized and updated
  • Save Money!
So, if you use coupons as an ally instead of an enemy, then coupons ca be worth the hassle of looking for them and clipping them out of the newspapers and junk mail ads!