Friday, November 12, 2010

Have A Great Thanksgiving Without the Bird Breaking the Bank

Keeping things simple will help keep costs and stress down. Simplicity will allow you to save time and money in the kitchen and spend more time socializing with your family.


If you choose to decorate your home for Thanksgiving, there are several inexpensive ways to accomplish this without having to skimp on dessert:

  • Hang up decorations and coloring pages your kids make at school. They will love showing off their creations to your holiday guests.
  • Find tablecloths, centerpieces, and other fall items at The Dollar Tree for inexpensive and festive pieces.
  • Check out the Clearance section this year and get more expensive items at a large discount, usually 50%-75% off the day after Thanksgiving.
  • Look up crafts on the Internet to find new ways to spruce up the house.
  • Look at thrift stores. This is a great place to find lots of things for your home at a great price!
  • Consider borrowing items to use from someone who has extras.
Now to the Best Part....FOOD!

If you need ideas on how to make a fantastic turkey dinner on a budget, check out for new ideas and old favorites.


turkey Pictures, Images and Photos

Turkey is often under $1.00 a pound during the holiday season. Be sure to keep an eye out for deals after about the second week of November. Turkeys are cheaper the closer to Thanksgiving, you just have to be willing to take a chance that the store may not have the size you want in stock. Many stores also offer special prices on turkey if you spend a certain dollar amount on other items in the store first. Look around and see what sale will work best for your needs.


The Dollar Tree and Big Lots have great prices on spices. Depending on your cooking style, you may already have some of these spices on hand. Check your inventory before you shop! You might luck out and have everything you need.


There are countless ways to make this wonderful comfort food. Some like to add fruits and veggies. Whichever way is your favorite, you can find all the ingredients you need on sale. Be sure to check around for the best deal.

Homemade Mashed Potatoes

Homemade mashed potatoes are a frugal yet yummy dish that everyone loves. Potatoes can be found as cheap as $3.00 for 10 pounds. If you prefer a particular type of potato (Russet, red,or Idaho), look for specials on them to utilize the best prices. Use as many as you need and add a little butter, milk, salt, and pepper for a thrifty side. You can even add a little excitement by adding cheese, chives, ranch, or any other favorite ingredient. The time it takes to boil and mash those potatoes will be well appreciated by your guests and you will save money (and preservative intake) by not using potato flakes.

Green Bean Casserole

Whether you require fresh or frozen green beans, you can still create this dish on a modest budget. My favorite is the classic recipe that calls for mushrooms, mushroom soup, and fried onions. Find your favorite recipe and go for it!

Homemade Macaroni and Cheese

Buy an aluminum pan from The dollar Tree and they may even have the macaroni noodles there. Find Velveeta and cheddar cheese on sale and walla! You have a scrumptious dish without putting a hole in your wallet.

Cranberry Sauce

Unless you make a special cranberry dish during the holidays, buy a couple of cans of cranberry sauce and your done! There are no huge fans of this dish in my household, so we use this dish a small side.


If you can follow directions, you can make homemade biscuits. Bisquick has a good one for drop and regular biscuits. Not that kitchen savvy? Fear not, there are biscuits in a can that taste just as yummy, or look in the bakery at you favorite grocery store.


Homemade pies a the best, but they can be costly. You may find it easier to hand make your favorite pie and then buy the others at the grocery store in the bakery. They usually go on sale for 2 for $5.00 in my area. No matter the dish, there is always a way to "have your cake, and eat it too!"

Pumpkin pie Pictures, Images and Photos

Take  the time to shop around, collect coupons, and look for sales. Shopping a little early will ensure that popular items are in stock. You will also avoid the hassle of last minute shopping and crowds (unless you enjoy that sort of thing). However, if you want to save the most money, you may have to make an extra trip to the store during the week of Thanksgiving.