Monday, March 14, 2011

Turn a Shoebox into a Hair Accessory Holder!

Do you have a house full of girls and hair ties, headbands, hair clips, and, barrettes? Do you have trouble finding your hair style accessories early in the morning on workdays? If so, you need to read on to find a couple of ideas that will make your mornings fly with ease and organization!

I took a shoe box and covered it in stickers:

I also customized mine with my girls' initials with some more stickers, glitter glue and cut out hearts. You could paint the box your favorite color, or add stripes or patterns also. I kept the box lid to store on the bottom for easy transportation in the event of a weekend trip or for stacking.

Inside, I have put two small baskets in the box for separation purposes. You can use one for rubber bands and the other for clips and barrettes.
The molded headbands, brushes, and combs can easily fit into the free space that is left inside of the box.
Here is another idea for rubber bands and clips. I used a paper towel holder that was given to me, so this was a freebie! Small containers and paper towel holders work well for storing all of those hair supplies. If you have any other ideas for hair organization, please contact me via email!