Monday, February 21, 2011

The Best Things in Life Are Free!

Everyone knows how hard it is to make ends meet these days especially with gas prices creeping up with milk prices following suit. I say we go back to the days of bartering and trade. I get my best freebies from friends and family that are redecorating their home or just trying to declutter a room.

I donate my clothes to clothing banks instead of Goodwill because I feel better knowing my donation will go to the homeless and those in need. I am looking for a clothing bank in my new neighborhood to help those in need that live in my community. Clearing out a few closets is only a small benefit of knowing a child could be using your daughters' (too small for them) coats for warmth on a cold winter night outside or if they are lucky, in a car.

Since I don't have a lot of money to give, I try to donate my reusable items and time whenever I can. When times were rough for me some time ago, these same places (clothing and food banks) made a huge difference for me and my girls. I think it's only fair to pay it forward. 

I always let people know that if they have stuff they don't need to keep me in mind. If I can't use the item, I usually know someone who does!