Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Organize on a Budget for the New Year

If you are starting the new year looking at a cluttered home and wondering what to do with all of the gifts and goodies you have acquired over the holidays, then you should  continue reading on to get some great tips and ideas. Getting organized and decluttering your home is not as hard or as expensive as you might think.

Plan it Out

What Plan !?!  Pick a room to start on and decide (realistically) how much time you can spend on it a day. You could choose do to this all in one weekend, day, 1 hour, or 15 mins. every day. The key is to plan some time to accomplish tasks, big and small. If you work full time and have kids, make a step-by-step plan that allows them to help out with simple chores of decluttering. Once that plan is set, then you can go on to the next step...

*Depending on the level of disorganization in your home, this process could be fairly painless and definitely cheap (unless you have the sort of issues that require a professional).

Throw away all trash and anything that is not fit to be sold, donated, or recycled. The best time to do this is the day before your trash gets picked up so you don't have to look at that mess all week!

You can put these together cheaper than buying them this way!

  • Each week, pick a room or closet that you will try to work on.
  • Break each room down into small easy projects such as;
    • go through your Cd's and movies and keep the ones you really like and donate or sell ones you don't need or want.
    • Same goes for all of those books. If you have kids books, it would be really nice to donate them to churches, schools, or libraries that could use them. Or be a sweetie, and give them to some of your kids' friends that may not have them.
    • Find a place for your mail if you tend to read it in the Living Room. The best suggestion is to get a 3 shelf file holder and put it in a convenient place labeled READ,TO READ, and TO MAIL or whatever works for you!
Doubles as a seat and a Bookshelf!

My next article will be about organizing the most used room in the house... The Kitchen! If you have any great ideas to share, please feel free!