Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thrifty Living is in Style Again

Thrifty living is now more popular than ever since the world has hit an economic crises of a lifetime. Thrifty living is becoming a "badge of honor" with those who used to snub their noses at thrift and discount stores.  People are starting to change the way they view their spending habits and are trying harder than ever to make that dollar stretch like it has never done before.

I would like to share my ideas on how to save money to help those out who are new to living on a limited budget and learn some new things from those of you that are already thrift savvy. We can all help each other out with new and fresh ideas on how to save when shopping.

There are literally millions of ways to save money on an every day basis. I feel that it is definitely worth the time to do a little extra research. It doesn't hurt to have a thrifty living manual (notebook)to be used to record lists, sales, savings, comparison shopping, Internet sites, or wherever you get your deals at. It is helpful to save this information for future reference allowing you to remember where you got that great deal!